February 2018 Writing Recap

Hey everyone so I’ve decided to do recaps on this blog starting every month to show you where you can find more of my writing. This month was pretty eventful and I am so happy to share where I’ve been published and things I have created this month.

New episodes of Conchas Y Contras:

Ep. 2- El Cine Americana 

Ep. 3- Bibliophiles and Black History

I wrote about my fantasies of running away to Texas in Loves Me// Loves Me Not Issue #2

Articles on The Strange Is Beautiful:

Self-Care In Solidarity at Quince Night 

I hope that you will check out my work and let me know what you think! As always you can find me doing constant updates of what I’m writing and what I’m doing on Instagram @saguarito

I have some big projects coming up in March and April so stay tuned!



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