Selected Fiction: 

“The Ghosts in Our Hair” in Crabfat Dec 2019

“We Moved the Earth” in Parentheses Journal 

“A Heartbeat in 3/4 Time” in Neon Mariposa 

“Tuk Tuk to Sin” in Turnpike Magazine

“Why Was the Fridge Empty?” in Lengua Larga, Boca Abierta

“Burning At The Lake” in The Wandering Song: Central American Writing in the United States 

Selected Poetry: 

“Running Down” in cavity

“2030” in Young Ignorantes- March 2019 Issue

“I Am Not a Slam Poet” in Palabritas 

“Loving You is Like Eating a Green Mango” and “The Northern Triangle” in Wizards In Space 

“Llorona” in Berry Mag 

“Forgotten Entry” and “The Night My Country Broke My Heart” in Molcajete Zine 

“I Too Went To Texas” in Loves Me/ Loves Me Not #2

“Americana En El Mundo Maya” in Brown Girl Travels Vol. 1