Pretend Bruja

The day before Halloween

Last minute shopping

Bargain bins at Target

Stuffed into the corner of a cardboard box

My costume

A black robe with a crest

Badger, Lion, Snake, Raven

My mother says, you can be esa niña de Harry Potter

Hermione, I mumble

Hermione, she repeats, skipping the H

I only let go of the robe when she has to pay for it

The night is spent reading The Goblet of Fire

A gift from my father

My mother wanted to burn the books until I told her

It’s about wizards

Couldn’t say witch

Wizards were okay. Brujas were not.


8 am- the schoolyard is filled with kids playing pretend

Power Rangers, greasers and princesses

Are you Harry Potter, a kid sneers

I tell him no, that I am Hermione

He mentions my glasses

They are round

But I am a girl

You are Harry Potter

They won’t believe me

My glasses and brown skin don’t say Hermione

They just say freak

So when the next kid asks who I am, I just say

A Hogwarts student

I am not special

I was not meant to be the hero

The kids keep calling me Harry Potter

I wish I had a spell to turn them into frogs

Or Floo Powder to transport me far away



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